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People need to stop taking the only person who has their back, for granted.

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Lmao, Carlton Banks

So I think it’s time to bring this back to life..
Bulls may have stolen the win but I still think Heat in 6.

So I think it’s time to bring this back to life..

Bulls may have stolen the win but I still think Heat in 6.

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Him: Would you like me to leave you alone now?
Me: Sure
Him: *continues the conversation as if he did not just ask me that question*

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How are you going to tell this girl you love her, then break up with her, then propose to someone else that same day. What kind of fuckery is that?

"Hey you’re so amazing, I love everything about you. I love you, I know I love you. But I’m gonna go propose to someone else now, buh bye. Now get back in that jeep because ABC couldn’t spring for a limo" - Sean Lowe

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David Stern fines Ron Artest 100k for Pacers fight



NBA Commissioner David Stern has fined Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest, World B. Peace, Ron Uno-Cinco or whatever he’s calling himself these days 100k for his involvement in the fight between the Indiana Pacers & the Golden State Warriors 2/26/13 in Indianapolis.

Artest/Peace/Uno-Cinco declined comment.

The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also decided to fine Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker 10k for watching the highlights of the fight on ESPN.

Except Ron Artest/ Metta World Peace was not in this game.. You’re about 7 years late with him even playing for the Pacers.

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I’m just saying.. Lakers look like they’re gonna win this one. I’m convinced right after Bryant drew a charge.. On purpose. 

Kobe never takes charges, he thinks they’re stupid… The fact he took one means he’s hungry for wins lmao. Watch out world



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